Kevin D. Olison

Financial Planner

Kevin D. Olison, is a Financial Planner with Grove Point Investments. My IDEAL CLIENTS are families or individuals preparing for their future retirement, sending their kids or grandkids to college, and we help families assisting elderly parents, or loved ones with healthcare related concerns. Regardless of age, they are always “young at heart” and live active lifestyles.

They are passionate about travel, helping others, and making their community better. They are high-level individuals, professionals, federal employees, or business owners who are self-made individuals.

They work hard, save well, and value professional advice. They are not major risk-takers, but understand they need more than just additional income. They have above-average financial acumen, but are very modest in their abilities to mange their own money. They do not micro-manage, but rather delegate so they can focus their attention on people, local and global issues, and hobbies that are of core interest to them.

They expect me to focus on helping them manage their investments assets. They do not expect me to do everything financially, but rather coordinate with other professionals with whom they have relationships. They want to know that I am carefully watching over their assets and making sound recommendations that can help them pursue their goals.

Their primary financial motivation is to ensure what they worked hard for is managed with care and that they will always be financially independent to live their life without concern. Their secondary financial motivation is to safeguard the people they care for and organizations they support are the benefactors of what they leave on this earth and not the government.

The First Session includes two steps:

  • Creating a Professional Relationship
  • Determining Our Objectives

The remaining steps are conducted during a Courtesy and Recommendation meeting.

Kevin continues to enhance his knowledge about the financial roadmap to avoid the pit falls of IRA distribution planning and to help solve the country’s biggest and most complex financial concerns of managing the transition from your work life to your life after work.

Kevin lives in the Bay Area with his two children (Parker & Sydney). In his free time, he is reducing his handicap on the golf course.


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